We strive to facilitate all your needs with the Precious Metals process providing you with knowledge, and the best prices for your gold.
Mail Order: clients can utilize our mail order option. It is quick, easy, and reliable. The day of your request, our staff generates a shipping label  sending it directly to you via email or fax. All you have to do is box it up and drop off it with NO cost to you. (100% insurance on every box)
Once we receive your material, we quickly weigh, sort, smelt and use x-ray analysis. We can have your settlement ready for you within 12 hours.

Appointments or Visits: You can schedule an appointment to bring your materials to us or we can have it pick up from your store directly to our refinery.We encourage you to take the pin sample of your bar and have it evaluated anywhere you wish. We are so confident in our work.
How We Buy
What We Buy
What We Sell
- Coins & Bullions
- Diamonds
- High-end watches (Rolex, Breitling,
  Cartier, Tiffany and Co)
- Signature pieces of jewelry
- We also sell among our client
  group, any jewelry item specified
  by client at desired price.
- Bench sweeps, filings,buffing & filters
- Coins
- Dental Gold
- Diamonds
- Gold
- Silver Plate
- Gold filled
- High-end Watches
- Platinum
- Silver, Flatware
- Watch Batteries
- Gold Filled
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