The best place with the best rates to exchange your precious metals and coins is now open. We are in the heart of Central Florida, come visit us and get the pricing and service you deserve. Come and see the process from beginning to end. We encourage you to view the refining process in its entirety; speak to one of our technicians and obtain firsthand knowledge of your settlement. Schedule an appointment and come have a personal tour of our state of the art facilities or have one of our regional buyers visit your store in Central Florida and surrounding areas. We can service your precious metal needs in the convenience of your store or we can schedule a pick up at your store and process the materials in ourfacility.

Don’t sell to a refinery who says that they will pay you 99 plus percent without seeing the process for yourself. We can show you all the refining process form testing, sorting, X-raying, melting to obtain the final analysis and purity of the finished product. We will also provide you with a pin sample of your melts alongside the final analysis reading letting you know exactly how much you are getting paid.

With more than 30 years in the jewelry business, we trade coins and all fine jewelry. Located in Central Florida, we provide a complete range of refining services, as well as, the purchase of raw materials such as gold, silver, platinum, buffing, filings, dental gold and more.

Clients can mail their packages to our offices for quick cash payouts, or get the opportunity to bring their materials directly to the refinery.

Our state of the art refinery allows us the ability to offer top price and an expedited settlement within 12 hours. We also have regional buyers who travel throughout the state managing existing accounts and can be called upon to visit in your store.
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